WP5: Processing and stabilization of nanoparticle suspensions - II

WP5 Leader - Fredrik Johansson - YKI

This session is concerned with the challenge and opportunities nanoparticle suspensions bring formulation and process scientists. Nanoparticles, novel in size, shape or surface chemstry, offer very attractive functional properties to a range of formulated products, from drug delivery system to coatings and cosmetics. But the realization of the versatile nanoparticle potential in formulations is often dependent on that these can be properly processed in their wet state. This aspect becomes part of the game, since the same distinct physical and chemical attributes that make nanoparticles functionally attractive often tend to make them practically demanding to process. A central property critical to control in this respect is suspension stability. The large nanoparticle surface area accentuates the impact of agglomeration phenomena with potential strong unwanted effects to properties as suspension rheology and particle-substrate interactions.

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