About InForm

InForm is an EU Framework 7 funded project bringing together 17 partners:

To facilitate access to people in academia, research institutions, industry and SMEs working in formulations using nanomaterials, or on the development of new materials with exciting properties, to high quality, EU funded, networking events to identify and enhance complementary interests within Europe and targeted regions: America and Asia-Pacific.

To create appropriate international forums and activities to obtain first hand knowledge of the state of the art in the six targeted areas of knowledge relevant to the use of nanomaterials in formulations.

To establish a short term researcher exchange program to seed new collaborations and create partnerships within Europe and between Europe and targeted regions.

To establish easy access and readily available networking tools that will facilitate the creation of partnerships within Europe and targeted world regions, and provide up to date information for funding applicable to the incorporation of nanomaterials in formulations.

For more information and to discuss conference topics please visit the InForm website

InForm Partners